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From Buying Your First Drum Set to Playing the Fillmore and everything in between, I’ve been there. No matter what happens in my life, the Drums have been a constant place of Strength, Expression, Creativity, Self-Worth and Excitement. 


There’s a lot to know but I’m here to Guide You and I love Questions. That’s how we learn. Teaching Drums Full Time for the last 15 Years has taught me that we can all learn from each other. I’m excited to hear about your life, your areas of expertise and your passions! 


You’re already a Genius in Your Field…Imagine How Quickly You’ll Learn!

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Now, It’s time to return the Favor.

Based on the Joys and Lessons I’ve Learned from being a Full-Time Professional Drum Educator I want to help you.
I want to Guide you on your Drumming Journey.
Avoid the Pitfalls, Avoid the Endless Sea of Information and let me Welcome you into the Wonderful Community of Drumming. 

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Scott was my First Adult Student. 
He had never touched a Drum Set before.
He has since been in Multiple Bands, Performed countless shows (including the Fillmore!) and used his Air Force Radio Broadcasting Background to help his bands Record Songs and Music Videos. 

I am so proud of you Scott! 

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For Most People the Feet are the Hard Part; Let Me Give You a KickStart.


My Mom threw me in Church Choir when I was 3 years old. Little did she know I was going to fill her house with a cacophony of Drums, Melodies and Band Practices every single day of my Life. 


From Black Sabbath and “That Thing You Do” covers to the endless number of Bands that slept at my house; my Mom was a Saint. I filled that house with all the Sounds it could handle while emptying my thoughts, ideas, musicality and teenage angst into a Noble, Rewarding and Creative Outlet: The Drum Set. 


Noah Started with Me at 3 Years Old! 
Now he's 13 and making Serious Waves in the Gospel Drumming World. 


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Drum Solo for Modern Drummer Magazine

Drum Solo for Modern Drummer Magazine

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